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Hi everyone. About 6 months ago my friend and I put together a system comprising of the following components.

GA-M61PME-S2 motherboard
2G DDR800 Ram
Barracuda 160BG sata HDD
Asus EAH46500DI-512MD2
AND Athlon 64x2 5200+ AM2
Antec NSK4480B 380W PSU

In general, the system runs well, it plays rfactor fine, with no problems, however, playing Call of Duty 4 is when the issues start. The computer randomly freezes and then promplty resets itself.

Personally, after reading around a bit, i think its the power supply. Given that im a bit of a computer numpty, this is annoying as the bloke at the computer shop mentioned something about an Antec 380W psu being like 500W generic or something to that tune.
If indeed it is the power supply, can anyone tell me exactly how much power my system is drawing, and whether or not i can just buy a 500W psu to fix the problem, and if my other components have been affected by this reseting and freezing.

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  1. Well, I did what you probably have already done, and looked around for benchmarks using a 4650 and showing some type of power usage. What few I found seem to say it uses very little power, even at max load.

    Assuming that's correct, 380W should have been enough.

    If it is indeed the psu . . . I can't tell you exactly how much you are drawing, yes you can just buy a quality 500W psu, and its unlikely anything other than perhaps some disk files has been affected.

    Best would be if you could borrow a higher wattage, or any known good psu and see if it solves the problem.

    As an aside, how are your temperatures before the crash? That might tell us something else is a problem.
  2. Hi...that bloke at the computer shop is very correct about the PSU...that 380W PSU has 80+ efficiency and high quality...
    It can easily power you PC even with a slightly faster graphics card say upto a HD 4850...
    Check out the PSU power here...
    Select the components and put the capacitor aging to 25...
  3. thanks for the replies

    @ twoboxer - im unsure of the temperatures before crashing, ill find out. All i know is though, that its starts off playing ok, and then slowly things start displaying incorrectly, players start becoming transparent, black boxes appear for things and then it just resets.

    Upon immediately exiting cod 4, smartdoctor is telling me its around 50 but that could be several degrees shy of what its running at. I think smartdoctor has an alarm that goes off at 80 degrees, so im not sure it the temperatures are going passed that.

    @gkay09 - i think your right, i put some rough things into the caluclator and it was something like 240W but even if ive stuffed up theres still alot of power left.

    I installed new gfx card drivers but that hasnt helped, and the vpu recover doesnt go off to shut the gfx card down, so im completely lost. Ill get bak to you guys about the running temperatures.
  4. It can be the graphics card...maybe it is getting overheated or faulty...
    And have you completely uninstalled the onboard graphics, even better disabled it ?
  5. if im honest, i dont think its overheating. Sometimes if i play cod 4 for a bit, exit the game, and then go back in, it will crash just at the splash screen when the card is at 40 degrees. The reason i thought power supply was because i read up that classic symptoms of the pwoer supply not coping was the spontaneous resetting that occurs when im playing.
  6. ^ Even the power supply might be faulty...But still check all the components separately...
    So if you can check both the graphics card and power supply...
  7. Did you set the memory voltage correctly?
    Test your memory with memtest86+.
  8. sorry, but what is memory voltage and how do i change its settings ?
  9. Check the vendor's site for the memory voltage.
    Go in the bios. The default for DDR2 is 1.8v. Adjust it on top of that.
    It should be somewhere between 1.8-2.1v.
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