Gigabyte Q100C overclock.

Hello,I've recently found out that the Intel Atom N450 processor can be overclocked.

My problem is that I cant seem to do the same for my gigabyte (Trying to find a root away from opening up my netbook to see the pll.)

It's the usual 1.66GHz with a Quanta UW2 mainboard.

Please help. It can be done i just need to know how.

(Another Atom N450 has been safely overclocked to 2.1GHz.)
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  1. Are you trying oc laptop..?? For best way build new pc for overcloking.
  2. Never overclock a laptop's cpu. Builts up more heat and you'll end up a broken laptop.
  3. Why would you go through all the trouble just to OC an ATOM?.....Its just gonna overheat..and take a crap on you....
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