Dual Boot/re-install 98SE without jacking 2k?

I dual boot 2k and 98se, I only use 98 for a few things but it has gotten screwy as a result of buggy video drivers which I tried to replace with an older version....did not work :)

Is there any way I can do a fresh install of 98SE only? It seems kind of tough as SE is the system disk and 2K is the boot disk.....I am thinking that certain files, if backed up will allow me to do a fresh install of 98SE without damaging the dual boot 2K 98SE aspect.

Thanks for any help.

Update......browsing throught Microsoft's Knowledge Base has returned a possible way to do this although it is listed more as a fix for dummies who installed 2K first and they as always claim no responsibility for what this fix actually does but it looks like it should work.

Article ID: Q293089

Basically entails ensuring the rescue disk is up to date, install win98se which will overwrite the 2K boot sector, then use the rescue disk to restore the 2k boot sector/loader.

Will post results....someone catch me before I ruin my system if this is wrong.....thanks

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  1. The only thing I would do differently is at step 4 of the KB article I would press M an then choose Inspect Boot Sector. This ensures that start-up and system files are not replaced amd that the only operation performed is to restore dual boot.
  2. copy that, should be done here shortly...(hopefully)....will advise of results.


    Why me?....well, win98 went back ok then I booted from the 2K install CD did a manual repair of the boot sector which did not work, then did the repair of the startup env. which did not work then the final option of repair win2k system files did restore my win2k in perfect working order.

    One problem, I no longer get prompted to choose an os at boot which is not too bad as 2K is my main os but I do need 98 for a few things.

    I think if I add the proper lines to the boot.ini file I can restore dual boot but have found no info on this yet.


    thanks again
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