How much does CAS latency really affect performance?

How much difference in CAS latency really affects performance?

Does it really matter a lot if I would use 5-5-5-15 or 6-6-6-18 DDR2-800 RAM? (assume prices are different, if they were the same i suppose it's obvio which one to choose).

I've also noticed a few things that seem to suggest that if you lower the (intended) speed of the ram then latency decreases automatically and vice-versa. is that true?

is low latency and low speed equivalent to high speed and high latency?
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  1. tight timming will be faster and higher overclocking
    potential but depend on Ram strong.. Or not with tigh timing.
  2. but would it really make a visible difference in performance?
    as in 5-5-5-15 and 6-6-6-18 DDR2-800?
  3. If you're going to run synthetic benchmarks you'll be able to see the difference in the end result chart. If you do anything else you'll never know the difference.
  4. listen to him ^ swifty_morgan, hes absolutly right.
  5. strict timing is fast not fully true .. but of course depends on
    endurance your ram, if too tight and you will get instability system and maybe cannot boot. I have a ram with timings 7-7-7-20 and result less than 8-9-8-23 score.
    why .? be so... because I oc ram by increase fsb and the ram has a higher clock will be faster. Try
    test with a benchmark software MaxxMem and download in :

    And you can compare tigh timing and how high result performance...?
    And finally you can follow partisipation to contest in ... Good luck :)
  6. i cant support anything faster than CL5, according to my i dont overclock...i think probably i'll just stick with the 6-6-6 timings, because then i can mix old and new ram without a prob...
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    lowering CAS lat timings will decrease the amount of time between the stimulance and response, or timing delay. CAS latency has the best performance increase ability if you were to OC.

    As long as voltages are stock I wouldn't think decreasing timings would decrease lifespan of memory by much.

    Is it noticeable? No
    Then again do you really need GTX590 overclocked in triple SLI to run games on one screen? No.
    Do people do it? Yes
    Why? Performance
  8. hmmm thanks i don't overclock...
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