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hey guys, im currently crossfiring 2 4890s. i wanna do a 3 monitor setup, but i heard crossfire only supports 2 monitors and enabling it will blank out the 3rd monitor. i was wondering, can i still run the 4890s in crossfire, and run the two side monitors with some basic graphics card in my available pci slots, and do surround gaming, all with crossfire enabled? i been looking all around for the answer to this but havent really come up with a clear yes or no. i dont wanna spend the extra money on the triplehead2go bc these 4890s cost me an arm and a leg already. thanks for any further input

p45 chipset
e8400 cpu stock
850w corsair psu
2 xfx 4890
4 g ddr3 ram
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  1. anyone?
  2. The answer is yes. I run a 3 monitor setup but I only run 2 video cards. For most games the power of crossfire isnt needed so I have my primary monitor attached to the video card I use as primary and my other two monitors attached to the secondary card. While gaming I tend to watch tv on one of my side screens while keeping system info and temps on the other. For the few games that do benefit from crossfire I can simply enable it thru CCC which then disables both my side screens. In the configuration you are wanting to run you wouldnt need to disable crossfire if you have a 3rd card running to push the 2nd and 3rd monitors. For you you can leave crossfire on full time since your 2nd and 3rd monitors would not be attached to either of the cars in the crossfire configuration.

    As far as surround gaming. If you are using SoftH then yes the 3 card configuration would work, HOWEVER the 3rd card you add would need to be a PCI-E card to have the necssary bandwith for SoftH to work properly.
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