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Recycler Folder Delete

I accidently deleted the Recycler Folder in C thinking that folder is infected using command prompt. Is it possible to restore back? Or is it ok for the window operation without that folder? My OS is XP home sp3
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  1. The recycler folder will be automatically regenerate by Window.
  2. You'll find this folder at "[drive]:\RECYCLER" where "[drive]" is the letter of the drive. My C and E drives have this (D is my CD/DVD burner). If all else, you might be able to create a new folder with this name if it's oddly absent. Otherwise, you could try deleting some file (create a temporary TXT file or something first if needed) and see if the file is being permanently deleted (you'll see the notice and a disintegrating page icon if permanently deleting a file instead of a "send to recycle bin" notice and the recycle bin icon).
  3. Ya i can see the recycler folder again after the last 3 startup. I though item deleted by command prompt is permanent & never recover back.
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    Not if it is something that will be regenerated.

    Had an error on an external drive's recycle bin as well and I delete it safely for Window to regenerate a new one and working.
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