Alienware desktop powers up but no video

Asus p5n32slidel 2.02 G motherboard
Core 2 duo 2.67ghz e6700 4m cache 1066mhz processor
2x1gb pc-6400 ddr2
700watt Hipro psu
Geforce 7950 GT 512 mb PCIE

computer has worked great for 3year 14days and of course the 3 year warranty just expired. Pc was left on for 2 days over the Tday vacation when i went back to it the PC was still on but no display.

So naturally i held pwr button and shut it down waited for a bit then started ot back up but still no display.

i ran dual monitors on it before and have tested both monitors on other pcs there fine, ive replaced the video card with a brand new one still with no luck.

Ive also reset cmos done the bare bones 1 stick of ram in slot one reseated everything to many times to count....

My question i guess is it more likely the Psu or the mobo? everything turns on leds, fans, hdds spin, gpu fan spins, psu fans both spin..... but no beeps, nor video on either monitor new card or old. i havent ruled out the RAM but the likelyness of 2 sticks of corsair patriot ram going out at the same time is kind of slim to none isnt it?
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  1. Be sure a working speaker able to sound BIOS error code beeps is installed. Remove ALL the RAM and boot the system with no RAM installed. If the MB does NOT sound beep code recognizing there is NO RAM in the system, either the MB or CPU is defective. A working replacement CPU would be needed to confirm if it is the CPU has failed.
  2. I get zero beeps with no ram installed, by working im assuming its a working spkr it reads resistance between the two connections....thats the only way i know to test a speaker to see if its capable of working properly. No beeps no matter the combination of parts installed or not. That rule out the PSU tho ive been reading and again only reading not from experience that no beeps could still mean psu cpu or mobo....

    again the rig was running for 2 days in windows with IE running on one monitor and a discconnected from server msg at login screen of WOW on the other monitor, if that helps at all.

    I unfortunetly am at a disadvantage for being able to swap out parts its kind of like going with best guess and getting a new whatever and giving that a shot.... Thank gawd for returns i guess... the video card was first assumption of mine and many i inquired upon... but not the awnser cuz replaced the old with a radeon 4650 1gb and still zero change so i took the new one back out and put back in the old vid card for sake of no reason to leave new one in if its not the fix atm... in lue of maybe it being bad after all i still have if but i think something else is needing attention its either PSU, mobo, or cpu.

    For some reason it prolly the broke side of me hopes it thes the PSU but dont want to jump out the door from just a hunch or hope if ya know what i mean.... of course no one open today has a PSU tester i could buy to maybe short cut the big $ purchase with out a better educated guess.
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