Doing Sli on Crossfire Motherboards ?

Hi Everybody

My system information :

Mainboard :Asus-p5k deluxe/wifi ap
Cpu : Intel E6550
Vga : Evga-8800GTS 320MB Standard
Ram : 4*512MB Ocz 800 = 2GB
HDD : samsung 320GB 7200rpm 16M
PSU : Green 530W

1-I bought another 8800GTS 320MB,now i want to Sli these cards,but the problem is my motherboard supports crossfire.i was wondering if i can do that,cause i wanna play Far Cry 2 with the maximum Quality and also in a suitable framerate.
when i was searching in internet i figured out from forums and sites that there is no hardware problems,they said there are some kind of software tricks and also hacked drivers which can solved this problem.i've also got that it's just software problems.Am i right ?
Now i'm ready for sli,please help me to pass that.

2-And another thing that i suspected on that is if my PUS is enough or not ?
thank you
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  1. The only boards that can do sli and crossfire are x58 and Skulltrail boards. None others can. There are older hacked drivers do do sli with 7xxx cards on other boards, but nothing newer.
  2. It seems that you mean there is no way to do that.isn't it ?
    There is no hacked driver for 8 series ?
    can you give me the link of 7 series hack driver ?
  3. arash-3d said:
    can you give me the link of 7 series hack driver ?
  4. ^+1

    Anyway there are some hacked drivers for the 8 series, but since I've never used them I wouldn't know too much about them. I hear they have all sorts of problems though.
  5. now let me test it,if you find any hacked drivers for 8 series tell me .i wanna know how it will be.thanks megaman
  6. good luck to you, going to need it

    my suggestion, get another mobo or sell the cards as a pair and buy a 4870
  7. Skulltrail is a rip off at this point but get a X58 enthusiast board and a core i7
  8. core I7 for sli or if you want to go through some hassle and tears the 7xx chipset by Nvida for LGA775

    other wise no, however with a crossfire board and I7 you can get like a X2 and a physcs Nvida card like a 9600GT
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