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Just re-imstalled Win 7 on my new Vortex 2 SSD. My mobo supports sata II and I ran SSD Tweak, Disabled Indexing, and disabled Windows Search Indexing. My SSD aveage read is only 135 Mb/s. My burst is 235. What the hell??? Also, when I installed Windows, It said my drive was only 51.2 GB free of 60GB. It's a stock Win 7 Professional so no bloatware. PLZ Help? Info in Sig
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    I would check out the newegg feedback on this drive, according to some of the posts OCZ changed their manufacturing process from a 34nm to a 25nm. This will give you results that you are seeing. There are a decent amount of posts that describe the same issue that you are having.

    Also some have stated that a firmware update will help out with some of the issue's...
  2. ^+1...

    Also, a screen shot of the benchmark is helpful, as well (AS SSD benchmark for example). It helps show what driver you are using, is it aligned... etc. However, I agree with the above on the 22nm vs 34nm, as the likely cause.
  3. Thanks guys, Changing the size to a larger file ramped up the speed, but It sucks losing 15% of my space...
  4. I was just over at the OCZ web site and forums. Recently OCZ changed from 34nm to 25nm NAND in their Vertex 2 series ssd's without any sort of press release or major announcements. In addition OCZ did not change the model name, product number, or description to reflect the switch. The Vertex 2 is still SATA II (3 Gb/s) too. Seems the 25nm NAND drives are not performing to customer expectations. I got the impression the new 25nm Vertex 2 performed worse than the original 34nm Vertex 2. OCZ may have been first to market with ssd's using 25nm NAND but that's all they can claim.
  5. Thanks for all the help... i got one of the 25nm NAND drives... If the ratios hold true throughout, a 1TB drive would only have 850gb of writable space :fou: . Obviously when you onluy have 51 gigs to work with, it's ALOT more frustrating, but my main goal of swapping the drives was instant internet access within 5 seconds of windows loading, and that was realized.
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