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Hi all

Im currently cooling my i7 920 cpu with a Zalman CNPS9700 cooler at stock speed. I monitored the temps using the speedfan tool. At idle the temp of the cores are low 40's. I was expecting my idle temps with this cooler to be mid 20's or low 30's.

Is this normal?
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  1. Sounds about right to me since your cpu has a high TDP.
    Zalman coolers of that design are outdated imo.
    Zalman's CNPS10X line is much better.
    Your expectations are unrealistic for your cpu anyways.
    Mid 20's =NOT going to happen
    You could realistically get low/mid 30's with a good tower cooler provided you have proper case airflow.
    Room temperature will play a major role.
  2. Have 9700 on I5-750 currently @3.2 GHz.
    Room temp (ambient)= 26C, Temp inside case (approx 2" infront of HSF) 29C, Core temps 38C

    This is what Davcon was getting @, depending on Your ambient temps (unspecified), your core temps will be anywheres from 5 -> 10 C higher. ie room temp is like mine 78 F (26C) then for the 9700 expect 40 C giver or take a couple of C's.

    The real question is how well it performs under load. The 9700 is by far not one of the better HSF, I like it and for my system it's fine. Under load (prime 95) I get core temps in the upper 50's (winter time) and mid 60's (summer time).

    Have already ordered (and receiver) the Zalman 9900Max-B for my next CPU (I5-2500k), waiting on which MB to get.
  3. Sorry guys. The cpu cooler I have is the Zalman cnps9900 not the Zalman CNPS9700
  4. CNPS9900 comes in several flavors; there is the -LED, the NT, and the max (-r or -b is just color of led).
    The -led is inbetween the 9700 and the 9900max in terms of performance . The Max competes with the top end of coolers cost is about 80 bucks (got it on sale for $65).

    Would expect closer to 5C above the temperature inside the case, which should be a couple of degrees above room temp.

    As I indicated, idle is not that important, it is how hat does it get under load, either durning gaming, or prime 95 (MAX load)

    Comparision chart
    Quote from last page of link
    Make no mistake though, the cooling performance is grand and if you stick to 40% to 60% fan rotation, it's not at all noisy. We achieved a 3600 MHz overclock on a 1600 MHz FSB based processor, while retaining fairly good temperatures. And that QX9970 is a hot processor all by itself.

    Next to that the design is very pleasing to the eyes and it's definitely a quality product, and as such it comes recommended as it'll do a fine job cooling wise, and well .. it just looks stunning. End quote.
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