Recommended PSU Wattage for this setup?

Hi. I build gaming computers, and just changed the specifications drastically. What I would like to know, is how many watts of a power supply would I need for this: if I overclock the CPU to 4.2/4.3gHz and leave all other components at base speed?

See, today, my plans changed to add another GPU, liquid cooling, and various other things. I'd like to know a recommended wattage for the power supply so I don't have to buy one and test it first.


P.S.: the power use of the CPU is 125W at 3.3gHz. the GPU's take about 50W (combined).
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  1. For the setup you have listed I would recommend a 1000w-1200w. You could manage with a 800w but it would be running kinda hard at peak. wattage isn't everything though. Also make sure that you have enough amps on all of your rails. I'm running a Kingwin 1000w Mach-1 PSU w/ I7-920@4.0ghz / 5HD's / 2x GTX460 Hawks @ 1ghz. I have my pc running 24/7 with no hiccups.
  2. I think 750 till 850 enough power, that .. Your card gtx 560. Maybe you can check your needed with psu calcutor. You can change Corsair 750txv2 or Sliverstone strider 750w or Seasonic 760w.
  3. Okay. I changed over to a Rosewill 1kilo PSU. Total cost for parts now is $2230.87. is this a good idea to go forward with it?
  4. If you want sli or crossfire vga card it's worth.
    And use 1 card 1000w is overkill
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