New Rig - Windows 7 RC

Cheers All!!

I have a brand new rig already for the OS :)

My thinking is I should install Windows 7 RC. I will mostly be using this rig for gaming. I also have Vista 64 Ultimate.

My question is this: When Windows 7 goes live, will I be able to simply "upgrade" to the official version without wiping everything? Or will the live version require me to do a wipe & clean install, necessitating a reinstellation of all games and apps?

Or, should I install Vista 64 Ultimate and update to Windows 7 when it is released officially?

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  1. I had windows vista 64bit and now installed windows 7 on it. I like win 7 imo. Also when i installed 7 it told me if I wanted to upgrade or clean install. I always like clean installs but thats just me. So im guessing when it goes official u can just upgrade. Try 7 man
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