Resolution notifier?

Hello. (I'm not sure this is the right place in which to post)

I've been using the "search" option trying to solve my problem, but i haven't seen anyone with the same problem.

My monitor - no matter what I do - Browse the Internet og play games online -
Keeps popping up a message, saying that the resolution should be changed to 1280 x 1024 - It comes with two options though - 1: Disable - 2: Clear - Regardless which button on the monitor i press, the problem still persists. I have tried disabling this "resolution notifier" via the menu on the monitor, but it's already set at off.

My computer wouldn't start yesterday, so I reset the BIOS, and since then there's been this weird problem with my monitor.

I've tried installing windows over and over again, and I've used several drivers for my graphics device. I've tried everything, but nothing works.

I hope someone out there is able to help me.

Thanks in advance - Jonas Plejdrup
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  1. Whats you screens native resolution, and did you download its drivers?
  2. Also, do a virus scan for malware as well
  3. Thanks for the reply jaydeejohn - my screen resolution is 1024*768 - I haven't downloaded the drivers for my monitor no. It's a Fujitsu Siemens ScaleoView SD17-1.

    Jonas Plejdrup
  4. I forgot to mention that when i installed windows, the monitor would still make the pop-up menu - So maybe it's the graphics device.
  5. So, your drivers are in for your monitor then? off its cd?
  6. The computer used to run perfectly, so I don't think it's the drivers fault.
  7. OK, to male sure I understand you, you re installed the OS, did you then also re install the drivers for your monitor as well?
  8. The reason I say this is because it appears your OS doesnt know what your monitors native res is, which isnt 12x10
  9. I tried plugging my monitor into my friend's computer, and it worked perfectly. So it's either the mainboard og graphics device which is causing the error.

    Thanks for the help though jaydeejohn

    Jonas Plejdrup
  10. Check to see if your monitor is read as plug n play also
  11. It is.

    Jonas Plejdrup
  12. Hello...
  13. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    Whats you screens native resolution, and did you download its drivers?

    Have same problem...have to constantly reset resolution. Do Family tree maker and need smaller resolution so I can search two things on same screen at same time. Billy K
  14. Viewsonic have that default display message. You have to go to the display user menu and disable that message.

    My 24 inch display have 1920x1080 native resolution. If my pc is not set to that resolution that message automatically pops out. It's annoying but it can be disabled.

    When the computer boots at 1080P then the message don't appear at all
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