Sony VAIO graphics card upgrade

I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FW235J, I am wondering if there is a way to upgrade my graphics card, either internally or externally.
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  1. well, from what i could gather quickly no

    most laptops CANNOT have their graphics replaced with a better one unless it has an MXM slot, which i coulnd't find for your model

    but you can always call sony and search yourself

    btw, this is why I buy ASUS performance laptops with good GPU's
  2. Excuse me but i hav the same issue as well plz help i try installin games an its useless sigh
  3. i have the same concern,
    i have a sony vaio vgn-sr35g laptop
    i am wondering if i can place a video card
    is there a way to know if my laptop has a MXM slot?
  4. i ave the same problem but i have sony vaio VGN-C190P.

    pls help!!! can my videocard be upgraded cuz it has 1.60 Ghz and it can't even
    launch asisin's cred 1 :cry: .

    i think theres an upgrade for the graphics card and it has a USB whit wich you can have +1.20 Ghz.

    PLZ HELP!!!

    If you need to contact me write me : or may not see the sent e-mails in the e-mail cuz my friend never stops sending me e-mails and that's the only e-mail of mine he knows)
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