250 gb hd in Dell Inspiron 9100

I believe Dell Inspiron 9100 won't recognize a 250 gb hd. I had installed one and it worked for a few days with no problems. The it quit. When I boot up it goes to the screen with the cursor blinking in the top left corner. I was wondering. What if I partitioned the drive so the primary is 60 gb and split the remainder into two 80 gb, leaving 8 mg for microsoft. Would that fool the computer into believing it has a 60 gb hd?
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  1. This is a top-of-my-head guess. If the machine booted with the drive and worked with the drive "for a few days," then it can recognize the drive and something changed / failed / came loose / received a bad update. BTW, did you boot from that drive, or is it used for data? SATA or PATA?
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