Problem converting External HDD to Internal

the power adapter on my external HDD took a dump, so i opened up the case on the external drive and removed the 2.0 TB SATA HDD, popped it into my desktop n started her up.

i can see the drive in the device manager, and it says its working properly. i tried updating the drive but it says there isn't a better one available.

i go to start, run, diskmgmt.msc and the drive is there, shown as Disc 1, it wasn't activated or online or whatever so i right clicked it and hit active. but not it says it has ~1800gb unallocated, which isn't correct because there are a lot of files on that drive, well over 1 TB.

i can't see the drive in My Computer, and i can't save files to it.

i'm running Windows XP Pro.

how can i fix this??? thanks in advance.
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  1. Your hard drive is most likely damaged.

    You may get lucky and be able to REBUILD the partition using various software. I tried many, many programs to recover data of my 2TB drive which wasn't viewable and the ONLY one that worked was this one:

    It took several hours to scan the drive and then I copied the results (found almost all 2TB of data; it was FULL) to another hard drive.

    I went through all the free programs. Even when I used EASEUS the first time or two the settings I chose didn't seem to work (can't remember the details now).

    You can try running a diagnostic from the maker of the hard drive but I bet it'll give errors or not even detect the drive.
  2. I believe you just activated the drive under xp and now you have all this unallocated space.
    You have to format the partition before you can use it...unfortunately you might have killed all the data you had previously stored on that drive.
    This is why it is sometimes good to have a spare external case laying around.
    At this point I don't have a solution for retrieving your files as they were.
    Wish I had better news for you....You might be able to get a recovery from a store that specializes in data recovery but that can be expensive and might no give you waht you want.
    Hope my info helped...JQ
  3. Some Western Digital external drives (SmartWare) have hardware encryption. If you connect such a drive to a SATA port, then you will see encrypted data. Since the partition table will also be encypted, Windows will be unable to recognise it and it will show up as unallocated.
  4. run hard drive diagnostics first from the manufacturer (but no destructive testing).

    Again, if the diagnostics software can't find, or improperly displays the drive or can't run the diagnostics the drive is likely DAMAGED.

    My drive was damaged. I got lucky with EASEUS to recover/copy my data but then it was sent in and replaced.
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