ATI 4850's (2) Crossfire Vista Index Rating 1.0?

So I get the new ram for this machine and get vista ultimate 64 installed on it hunky dory (Am using it to write this message actually) and when doing the Vista Experience Ratings test thing, everything comes across as 5.9 (CPU, HD, etc) except for the two graphics options. Both of those are only reporting as a 1.0 and I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

The computer is running fine, it has DX 10, latest ATI catalyst drivers, Service Pack 1, but it just keeps showing a 1.0 on graphics performance...

I am really confused as to why it would do that. Is it because I have two cards in xfire setup or something?
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  1. HA! Fixed it. Everything at 5.9 now. Had to delete the previously stored info from the performance folder and re-test, all awesome now.

    I know it doesn't mean anything in the end, but that was bugging me :)
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