Trouble with AMD Phenom 9950BE CoolIT ECO ALC Liquid Cooling

Hi there I wander if anyone can help me with overclocking my Phenom 9950BE 125w

AMD Phenom 9950BE
ASRock KN10N78D
2x 2GB Corsair XMS2 800 MHZ
CoolIT ECO ALC Advanced CPU Liquid Cooling
HIS Radeon 5770 1GB GDDR5
OCZ Fatality 550w
Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

Firstly my motherboard has lots of overclocking features which im very impressed with so i read a simple overclocking guide in a forum that said just raise the multiplyer or FSB to the desired frequency obviously within reason so i choose to raise the multiplyer to 16x @ 3.2GHZ from 2.6GHZ stock so the next step said the system will become unstable and crash before loading windows in which case you move the CPU Voltage up 1 notch (eg: 1.3000v to 1.3125v) and keep stepping the cpu voltage up 1 notch after each Blue screen of death untill windows loads succesfully. Windows finnally loaded at 1.3875v but crashed (BSOD) whilst installing 3D mark Vantage CPU temp was 38c so moments later at 1.4000v system became stable for 45mins to hour and passed 3 3D mark CPU benchmarking tests in a row and smoothly too but please note when the system crashed it was running idle at 34c and temps after all 3 CPU benchmark tests were 42c The same thing happens on the second try same settings the cpu lasted about a hour before bsod. All the other overcocking settings are set to default as you can see from my temps there shouldnt be any issues at all going to 3.2ghz at 3.2ghz on full load highest temp was 42c and the rated highest temps is 63c for my cpu so dont understand i just cant get it to run perfectly stable any ideas ? anyone ?
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  1. Those are known to not overclock very well. Have you tried just going 3ghz?

    Maybe time for a upgrade.
  2. It's a voltage issue. Every time you bump up the voltage, the electrical signal in your CPU gets a little clearer and stronger. As more voltage is added, the CPU becomes closer and closer to being stable. If you are experiencing crashes (particularly idle crashes) try turning up the voltage a little further. The original Phenom chips weren't particularly good at overclocking and if you can get 3 GHZ stable you're pretty lucky from what I've understood.

    Alternatively, doublecheck your bios and make sure that CPU idle power management is disabled to see if that helps.
  3. Thanks for the rapid reply guys firstly yes i have tryed going to 3ghz but still cant get it stable because i have to change the voltage if anything it was more stable at 3.2ghz where as 2.8ghz runs perfectly smooth without any change of settings apart from fsb or multiplyer. tajisi im interested in your power management solution my motherboard i think has several cpu power management bios options like 1 i can remember on the spot is something like advanced cpu core management every option apart from fsb and multiplyer on my motherboard is set to default normally ( auto ) should i turn all of these off ? there is also a EZcool universial bios overclocking profile for instant pre configured overlclocking which you input the speed you want and it sets everything else for you but still cant any stable results using it on 3ghz or 3.2ghz settings theres lots of other pre configured speeds will try more of them
  4. should i change the NB frequencys and voltages or same for HT or Dram i have many options but dont know where to start
  5. Ok seems to be stable @ 3.2ghz at 1.4500v and 1.4625v, multiplyer 16x cant decide which is better yet they were both sort of glitchy at first but have settled down now and running smooth successfully passed 12 crisis 1 CPU physics bench tests
  6. Nothing puts a load on like Intel burn test.

    That just seems like very high voltage to me, let us know what your temps are during IBT.
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