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Hi could you please let me know if the latest ati catalyst control center will work with my ati radeon x1200 because i cant find the answer anywhere, thanks in advance!!!
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  1. Check for the latest drivers for your card
  2. No.

    ATI no longer supports the X1xxx series. Last one was probably Cat 9.3.

    Go to to find out.
  3. i went to amd and downloaded the correct driver ( version 9.3 ) but now it wont let me go into the control center and every time i try it comes up wit two error messages 1 says: requested registry access is not allowed and 2 says: could not load file or assembly cli.implementation or one of its dependencies, the system cannot find the file specified. please help!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:
  4. Can u install older drivers like 9.2 ?
  5. First, only XP and Vista are supported.

    Second, go to Add/Remove and remove the latest then reboot and reinstall (make sure it's the correct version) .

    You may have some other glitch in software causing problems.
  6. i have windows vista 32 bit and im sure i installed the right one but i will try to re install it
  7. i can only uninstall the catalyst install manager will this uninstall the catalyst control center as well? should i uninstall the install manager and reinstall the whole program again? i have tried the repair option but with no luck.
  8. uninstall anything relating to ato that you can find and then reboot and reinstall
  9. can a graphics card run without a driver just as a matter of interest i will try to uninstall and reinstall.
  10. Yes it can run with the windows default VGA driver but the performance isn't well
  11. i uninstalled the ati install manager ( with difficulty, wouldn't let me fully uninstall the program) so i got rid of all the ati files i could find but it wouldn't let me get rid of one folder, i reinstalled version 9.3 for vista 32bit but it didn't help!!! what do i do now?
  12. It doesn't install ?
  13. yeah it works for abit then windows says it has stopped working go figure
  14. got any ideas whats wrong?
  15. Do a clean uninstall.
    1_Remove the driver from add/remove programs.
    2_Download "Driver Sweeper" from here:
    Then go to safe mode and open Driver Sweeper,choose ATI and click remove.
    3_Restart and boot normally to windows and install the driver again,after the installation restart the PC and see if it works then or not
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