AMD or Nvidia Mobo chipset in AM2+ mobo

Reading the guide in this forum I noticed that the topic starter was not positive about Nvidia chipsets. Was wundering after reading a test, is this also counting for the newest Nvidia chip set range??
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  1. As far as I know there is only one board based on the "new" 980a and it's an AM2+ from ASUS. The 980a is basically a tweaked version of the 780a with a few improvements, hopefully some of them for stability. Anyway nVidia chipsets seem to be less reliable, but of course if you insist on having SLI with an AMD CPU it's the only way to go.
  2. Nvidia chipsets on AMD platforms aren't as bad as on intel, but they still aren't as good as an AMD chipset. Only get an Nvidia chipset if you must have SLI and cannot afford X58/i7
  3. don't get an nvidia chipset (unless you have sli cards you are transferring), get an AMD chipset, preferably the 790GX (SB750 for good overclocks)
  4. im avoiding most nvidia products for a number of reasons, and as mindless728 said - unless your using sli, dont bother etc
  5. Everyone would want the best that they can get...and the best chipset for the AMD CPUs are AMD chipsets...
  6. AMD! AMD chipsets are the better choice, see if you can get 790X,790GX,or 790FX. I have heard some Bad things about NVIDIA AMD chipsets, although I guess 790i would be the exception.
  7. 790i is an Intel Nvidia chipset. And its not very good. Bottom line here is: GET AN AMD CHIPSET.
  8. Well if you looking for an AM3/DDR3 chipset there are none from green camp so far unfortunately but for AM2+ i agree: unless 100% confirmed going SLI then worth but then again even if one prefers Nvidia GPU a single GTX 275 isn't a slouch by any means hehe
  9. Nvidia + AMD = not a good combo.

    If you're going AMD, go ATI =) Its very worth it.
  10. Nothing wrong with the nVidia GeForce 8200/8300 (MCP78A) chipsets for Socket AM2+, its on the same level as AMD 7-series chipsets. In fact, the AHCI performance under AMD 7-series chipsets is broken.

    But the chipsets without IGP are falling behind, and its the highly integrated chipsets that seems to perform best in terms of power consumption.
  11. Thank you all guys but what is AHCI and IGP???

    I hat in mind to go for a AMD7XX serie mobo, but now I want to go for the Asrock

    It is very cheap Euro 38,-- and it has a Nvidia GF 8200, the lowest priced AMD 770 serie MoBo is some 20 euro's more.
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