OS Drive (2) 32GB SSD in RAID0

I wanted to order a SSD for my OS on my new build. I went cheap and only got a 32GB. Immediately I wished I had gotten a 60GB. But the gods were smiling on me and I was send 2 32GBs by mistake. Score one for me.

So I am thinking because only my OS will reside on these, I would like to go with a RAID0 and effectively double the size of my OS drive. I know I am doubling the risk of data meltdown, but it's just going to be Windows7 and I can always re-install.

So here's what I would like to know:

(1) am I going to speed performance by doing this? Or am I just wasteing a drive?

(2) CAN I do this? I have never set up a RAID before OS install ... I assume it's quite do-able?

I am wide open for comments and opinions here. This is only my 4th build and my first in about 5 years.
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  1. 1) Yes... You will see a speed increase with a RAID0 setup.

    2) Can you do it?? I can't answer for your skill set but the SSD's can be setup in RAID0, so yes it can be done.
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