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Hey guys. I've been watching this forum for years and it seems like one of the most helpfull i've seen so i decided to join a few hours ago. My question is what is the best entry level water cooling kit. I would only be using a water block on my CPU but i would like it to be upgradable to the GPU eventualy. I have a Coolermaster HAF X so i think i would be able to handle any large radiators. If i have left any important information out please let me know :D. Thanks in advance! Advice on setting a loop up for the first time is also apreciated.
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  1. A really great watercooling kit that I can recommend is the XSPC RX360 kit...

    Another kit that people really seem to like is the EK Supreme HF 360 kit...

    Either would be a good option for a CPU only loop and would be easily upgradable to put in a GPU block and another radiator.

    My advice would be to read the sticky on the top of the forum to get a little insight and some helpful tips especially if this is your first loop.
  2. ^ Either of those are great starter kits and would work great for a beginner. Swiftech Edge kits have dropped in price recently and they have been bumped up to use the MCP35x...a great upgrade.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses. :D

    @rubix_1011 It seems like the Swiftechs might be a bit out of my budget.

    @Orangejuice789 From what i've read today a 360 radiator is infinitely better than a 240. So both of the kits that you linked to look great to me. Im considering either of the two, but what does the Ek H30 feature that makes it worth estimately 90$ more?

    Thanks again for the help guys
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    Well im not really sure to be honest... A couple of people have had problems with their X20 pumps in the XSPC kit, but that has been rare and I have heard that with a complaint they seem to have been able to get a replacement...

    You can check out the difference between the rads on However i do not believe it is too significant and the XSPC rad performs slightly better.

    As far as the blocks, I know the XSPC kit's block performs right up with some of the higher end blocks. However i do not know how it compares to the block offered in the EK kit.

    If I had to recommend one over the other I would say go with the XSPC kit, as an owner of the kit i can say it is a good solid kit to get you going on watercooling, and the price is fairly kind on the wallet.
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  6. Do you plan on mounting the radiator internally?
  7. The Swiftech Edge kit was on sale somewhere...I'd need to find it. I think it was less than $200 which a good deal considering the MCP35x pump is like $115 alone. But yes, budget is a big player in which components people end up choosing for a loop, so I completely understand.
  8. @orangejuice Yes i do. Inside the HAF X on the roof.

    @rubix If you see an insanely good deal please by all means send me a link. I will get anything as long as it has value.

    Thanks for the continuing help guys!
  9. Yeah, can't seem to find anything on that Swiftech Edge kit...someone else on here has it, I'm positive...maybe they can add.

    Rasa kit...RS is cheaper and works well, or the RX kit if you want something better. Only difference is the RS or RX radiator being used...the RX is thicker and performs better.

    Rasa RX 360

    Rasa RS 360

    There are also 240 versions of each kit as well.
  10. Ok, i saw a build log that a guy made in which he mounted it in the front but it took a fair amount of modding to his drive bays and such to get it there, the top seems like a good choice.

    RS is definitely a good deal, but will need another solid rad upgrade if you ever add a GPU.
  11. RX would handle a CPU+GPU with good fans...but I wouldn't push it beyond that. Even the RS might be ok, especially with push/pull.
  12. The RX sounds really good. From what you guys are saying its more future proof? So i wouldn't have to upgrade for a long time.

    And is push/pull when you have a fan on both sides? im guessing to "push air" and "pull air".

    So like regular case fans on top? ( from what i've read the HAF X has room for another fan on top) . so i think that would be two on top(correct me if im wrong). Then you install the 360 radiator inside the case below the fans. then you...put the fans on the radiator inside the case? and make them blow out of the case.

    I think the site said the RX 360 had 3 120mm fans.

    Does the radiator have some sort of mounting solution for the fans? :pt1cable:

    Again thanks for the continuing support

    That build log shows a really nice depiction of how you can fit the RX360 in that case... Yes you would put the extra fans you get with the kit inside case pushing air up through the radiator... The rad comes with screws to mount the fans.

    It looks like its a bit of a tight squeeze especially with installing the RAM.
  14. Golden. That explained it perfectly, and i also found this magic forum sticky everyone is talking so highly of, and it explained a ton as well.

    One more question my good sirs.

    Is it possible to get 120mm fans that are not as large as the ones in the link above? just a tiny bit smaller. so then i wouldn't have any RAM clearance issues or worse. or are they all standard size?
  15. Well, the XSPC kit comes with fans, however they are fairly thick so if you want slim fans, aside from the one in the link below, there are plenty available at

    Here's a link to an 1800RPM fan that pushes 62 CFM and emits <30 dB.

    The fans will slow down a bit when put onto a radiator maybe to about 1500RPM, but the price is very good and if you are concerned about clearance issues, its a good bet...
  16. Thanks for the link. It all checks out. The build(well the mental one anyway) is really coming along.

    @rubix I've actually been reading some bad things about the pump online. Everything else about the kit looks great besides that. So i'm thinking i will individually purchase every piece in the rasa kit but get a different pump.

    Any suggestions? you recomended some earlier.
  17. Rubix mentioned the MCP35x, which is arguable the best pump available right now...

    It is only 95$ on jab-tech, but you will need to buy a reservoir as well.

    buying each peice individually will run the price up a bit, but may be worth it depending on your budget...

    RX360 Rad- 90$

    Swiftech MCP35x Pump- 95$

    Reservoir- 20$

    Tubing- 20$

    Fittings+Clamps= 10-20$

    Killcoil/Biocide and Distilled water- 5-10$

    XSPC Rasa CPU Block- 50$

    3x Slim Yate Loons - 10$

    You may get by on about 300$, with those parts, but that doesnt include shipping.
  18. Quote:
    @rubix I've actually been reading some bad things about the pump online. Everything else about the kit looks great besides that. So i'm thinking i will individually purchase every piece in the rasa kit but get a different pump.

    Are you talking the XSPC pump or the MCP35x? The XSPC pumps have had a few instances where they went bad, but were immediately replaced by XSPC by contacting their customer support...within 2-3 days in most cases. All the replacement pumps have done well (from what I have read) and even those getting their first pumps have largely said it has performed great.

    As for the MCP35x, it's pretty much the best pump you can buy right now, especially when you factor in price AND performance. You might find some Iwaki pumps that will outperform it, but they are often expensive and big. The 35x has the same footprint as the other DDC pumps (MCP350/355) and is more powerful than the other Laing/Jingway pumps most commonly a decent margin.
  19. OH wow. Neverrrmindd. il stick with the kit.

    thanks guys i think you've awnsered anything i could ever think of.

    Hmm if i had a question about 4gb ram vs 8gb i would need to open a new thread right? because it's off topic?
  20. So, what are you going with after all that?

    And yeah, you'd want to open that in the hardware/home built section. However, typically more RAM is better, unless its cheap and you are wanting to OC. If that is the'll want good RAM for sure. Bad RAM can cause you a lot of issues when you OC.
  21. I'm going with the rasa rx360 kit in my HAF x. Im not going to replace the pump unless it breaks.
  22. RX360 kit...nice choice.

    And the pump with those Rasa kits are typically very good, but like any piece of hardware, there are ones with flaws. If you have any issues with the pump (flow, loud noise, rattling, leaks, etc) make sure you contact XSPC and get an RMA on it. They have been very, very good at getting folks replacement pump/res units in only a matter of a few days (many times allowing you to simply keep the original 'bad' one). There are far more people loving these kits than those who have had any bad experiences.
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