Core 2 Quad Q9550 vs Core i5 ? Noob help ...

Ok so im looking to upgrade my CPU and went on newegg to look for a good processor that I can upgrade and not upgrade for at LEAST 1.5-2 years. So since im a PC gamer I figured I should go for a Quad core. The Q9550 caught my eye and looked good but I was told to buy the Core i5 which is in the same price range and supposedly "blows away the q9550". Is this true ? How much better can the core i5 be then the 9550 is the clock speed is actually lower (2.66GHz) to q9550's (2.83GHz). I know clock speed isnt everything but the core i5 doesnt have l2 cache and the q9550 has 12MB of l2. Which processor do you guys recommend more ? Remember I want to use this CPU for gaming. Thanks alot for your help
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  1. If you're buying a new motherboard, CPU and memory, then go with the i5 simply because it's faster.
  2. "Each core gets 64 KB of L1 cache, 256 KB L2 cache, and shares a larger 8 MB L3 cache. "
    Also the I5 as power boost which increase its clock frequency when needed.
    Do some research before...
    Which games are you playing? What is your resolution? What is your configuration?
    If you think the 9550 is the perfect CPU for you; if it really satisfies your needs, then I'd wait a bit, price are probably going to drop sooner or later with that launch of new CPUs. If you really need a new build then go with the I5.
    Note: Check out a bit for the I5 750/860 it's 100$ difference for HT, higher stock clock/power boost, etc. I'm personally trying to choose between both.
    Hope it helps.

    edit: Just found that (roll down a bit and you'll see some links of benchmark, etc.).
    Check for THW guides, they helped me a lot for everything!
  3. If you are actually upgrading an existing Core2 platform, the Q9550 is an excellent choice unless the CPU you are upgrading is a Q6600.

    If you are building a new computer, go with the i5 or i7. They do not need an L2 cache because the integrate memory controller gives the CPU core a straight, high speed path to memory.
  4. I'd have to agree. If you are buying all new parts, go i5/i7 (1156 variety), but if you have parts to use (mobo, RAM, etc), go with the Q9550.

    If I were building today, I'd get the i5 860 and a solid P55 motherboard. If you live near a microcenter, you can get the 860 for $229.
  5. I have a very nice gaming pc and I'm running the 9550. I believe Windows 7 scores it a 7.3 out of a possible 7.9. It satisfies my every need. I haven't had any of the i3,i5, or i7's yet so I can't comment on them, but they aren't needed for a bad-ass gaming rig. Here are my specs and there aint a game I can't max out every setting at 1920x1200 resolution stabily:

    -Evga 790i sli ultra
    -8gigs Patriot Viper 1600Mhz DDR3 Ram
    -Evga GTX 470 Superclocked
    -Ultra 1200w PSU (In case I want to run sli)
    -OCZ Colosus 250gig hard drive
    -Core2quad 9550
    -LG Bluray player drive
    -LG Dvd player recorder drive
    -5 Logisky 120mm green case fans :bounce:
  6. Q9550 is a great CPU. Like people have been saying, if you already own a LGA 775 board capable of housing the Q9550 then go for that. If not go for the i5, it is all-around a better/newer CPU on a newer chipset.

    Fyi Microcenter also has awesome deals for the Q9550 ($190 if I remember right). See if you live near one! (These are in-store deals only)
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