Computer does not come out of Stand By

help i put my computer on stand by now it will not come out. windows xp professional
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  1. Press the power button for about 6 seconds until it powers off and restart it. Disable standby in power settings.
  2. Disabling "standby" is not exactly a solution to making "standby" work again.

    I was able to "wake up" my computer (XP Pro SP3) from standby
    with 100% reliability (barring a loss of electric mains power)
    for several years, then perhaps a month ago,
    the odds of a successful wake-up (by short press of power button)
    went down to near zero -- power came up for only a bit,
    then seemed to fade away: although main power light stayed on steadily,
    and disk kept humming, there was no further network activity light,
    no further disk activity light, monitor never came on,
    and the only way out was to hold main power button
    until power dropped completely, then reboot
    (even then, it sometimes requires a few presses of main power button
    to get computer started, which never formerly occurred).

    I have heard that this is not a rarity,
    but have seen no one who knows its solution.

    Did a Microsoft update cause this?
    I have no restore point old enough to go back
    to before this all started, but some say that they were cured
    by undoing some such update.

  3. Disabling Standby is the only solution.

    Standby has been a problem for many people for many years with XP.
    Tonight there are 5734 hits about XP Standby not working if you search Tom's.

    Do your own standby using Power Management features such as turn off the hard drives after as many minutes of inactivity as you choose, same with the monitor. What more do you want not running?

  4. I do not accept "turning off standby is the only solution,"
    given three solid years of correct operation,
    with current configuration/hardware/software all unaltered
    (other than unknown precise effects of Windows updates).

    There had to be a recent cause, and whatever that cause
    must be capable of being identified and corrected.

    I know of people who say that their own case has been corrected,
    ranging from changing some power options to power supply,
    CMOS settings, CMOS battery, etc.,
    but not all measures work for all people,
    and each try takes a long time.

    I need standby to be capable of being done at will, at any time,
    not some pieces here and there powering off after so much time.

    That's what "standby" exists for, and that's what is needed,
    not "the only way to fix stuck parking brake is to disconnect it
    and try having someone slip wood blocks under your wheels
    whenever you want to park." :)

    If you don't have solution, just say so and I'll look to
    other suggestions made elsewhere (each one takes time
    to try, so I gave a shot to looking for info here, didn't yet find any).

    Thanks for your quick original response, and best wishes.
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