i want a good gaming computer for 1100 or less. it needs to be able to handle games like fallout 3 oblivion world of warcraft modern warfare 2 and like 3 other games like that, also everyday computer things. now before you suggest building one i really want a pre built one. if there arent any good ones for that price then ill build it but someone will have to be kind and give me every component and part that i will need, that way i can just go straight ahead and buy them. if you have any suggestions for the pre built one then tell me, if you dont then tell me the components. thanks in advance

p.s. its not the actual assembaly of building a computer that i cant do its picking the parts, i can assemble it once i have them.
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  1. 1100 what? Yen? US$? AU$? Euros? Swiss Francs?
  2. British pounds, Saudi riyals, Bahraini dinars? :)
  3. u.s. dollars haha
  4. I left you a private message. Check it out.
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