Whats the real world point of furmark

ok so i have a sappire ati hd 4830 1 gb stock clocks are 575/900 i oc to 800/1150 and i can run crysis for hours with out touching 70c but furmark locks up my drivers after 95% of the test and over 78c also the game mirrors edge artifacts at those clock speeds?
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  1. my system if it helps
    intell e7400
    ati sapphire 4830 1gb hdmi
    4 gigs ram
    vista 64
    dell vostro 420 (with some aftermarket cooling modds)
  2. You are proving the point of your question. One thing Furmark tests for is system stability in high temps.
  3. You can also use it like a screensaver while you toast marshmallows nest to the GPU, lol.
  4. yea ^^

    Its just a benchmark and stability tool, should use real world benchmarks though, are more accurate and reflect the actual capabilities better
  5. i think i should rephase my question...
    my question is will any game out there push my system as hard as furmark pushes it?
  6. For stability testing I always prefer Prime95 or OCCT for the CPU and ATiTool for the GPU. Memtest86+ for the RAM, etc.
  7. The fact that Mirrors Edge also doesn't run properly shows the overclock on the GPU is to high. Bump it down a bit and you should be fine.

    The point is that it provides another tool to test your machine. 3DM06 was a good one as the results gave you SM2, SM3, and CPU scores. This lets you see how well your CPU and GPU is working. For some unknown reason, Vantage removed this, giving you only a single score.
  8. its for brag factor its too CPU bound that, OC your CPU and you will see what I mean

    oh and it loves quads and I7 s
  9. josherrr said:
    i think i should rephase my question...
    my question is will any game out there push my system as hard as furmark pushes it?

    All the latest 3D games out there can push your system as hard as furmark (Crysis, Cryostasis, etc) How? Just set the graphics to the highest resoltuion your monitors allows, then, set the textures, details, shadows, AA/AF to the highest levels, and watch your framerates go below 10 frames per second as your system strugles to give it everything its got.

    Furmark is good at finding your GPU heat threshold when it starts to say "this temp is too hot for me so I'll stop working properly and give out artifacts".

    For testing, each of the cards I've used (8800 GTS, 9800 GT, GTS 250) to play Crysis all started to give artifacts at around 81 - 85 C but it wasn't a problem for gaming because it never got that hot because I'd set the GPU fan to 80% before gaming.
  10. Furmark is specifically designed to work the GPU as hard as possable to find any stability issues that would occour when a card gets to higher temps that are usually the result of Overclocking.
    You have seen for yourself that games can and do work your card as hard as Furmark, generally games wont though. The point is that its over the top of whats expected of the card and so if you can pass Furmark you should be ok with games.
    Just back the GPU Overclock down by 5 or so and see how you go, either that of adjust your Fan to run at a higher ratio.

  11. ^Exactly, just a software that makes your video card nice and toasty and makes it temp really high to check for stability which is good for over-clocking since you can test it.
  12. Never ever ever played a game that stresses the video card nearly as much as furmark. As such, I never use it. If a video card is stable in all games, that's stable enough.
  13. You never played Crysis with everything all settings on max?
  14. I only use Furmark when im looking for the absolute limit. Usually if an OC runs through 3dm then im happy. Never had one run 3dm and then lock up in games ....Yet ;)

  15. Before a game comes out, ATI and nVidia devrelations will correct this before it gets this demanding, and make it run better, within thermal limits
  16. hundredislandsboy said:
    You never played Crysis with everything all settings on max?

    Furmark stresses a card far more than Crysis. Especially ATI cards. They (4k series mostly) get particularly hot when running furmark.

    You can also see that the FPS, in furmark, of mid-range ATI cards is often more than that of Nvidia's high end offerings. Something about all those SPs or something, I assume.
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