Power button on case will not work...MB power button does

I just finished my first ever build and when i went to go turn it on.....nothing :(

So i see the lights are on on the motherboard so i press the MB's power button and bam it boots up. I installed vista and everything... the whole build is flawless minus the power button not working on the case. Any ideas?

Cooler Master CM690
Core i7 920
Asus P6T
Corsair 750W
Mushkin 6GB DDR 1600
Sapphire 512MB 4830

What are the chances of the board having bad pins? Or is it more likely that my case buttons are bad? I doubt theres a driver to fix this is there?
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  1. Its more likely that you didn't properly put the buttons jumper on the right pins. Grab a flash light and the manual and try again. If your sure you got it right, I find it might help to use a screwdriver and try the pins two at a time until you find the correct two. I had a board once where the silkscreening was wrong.
  2. im almost posotive i have them in the right way...the reset button actually works which i did not expect. if i flip the power button pins and theyre wrong (+ into - and - into +)...would that cause any damage?? because ill swap it just to see if thats the problem..
  3. well i connected the restart button to the power pins on the mb and the restart button on the case powered it up..so its not my mb thank goodness...now unless i had the power button pins in backwards i must have a faulty button. my brother is an electrical engineer so hes going to see if he can fix it.

    i dont think i had the power pins in backwars because the white wire was ground on all the pins..
  4. If you put the reset button on the power pins and it worked, then you 1) found the right pins, and 2) have a bad power button/wiring. Any chance this is the excuse you need to buy a new case? If not, just leave it like that and use the reset button.

    If your like me, you might never power the machine down. You might want to use the mobo power button on the few times you need to, and leave the reset button as a reset button. Up to you.
  5. personally i dont see the need for a reset button unless the computer freezes or something. and true i dont want to buy a new case. perhaps i could purchase my same case from somewhere and swap out the button/wire assembly into mine and return the case with the bad assembly and say its damaged?
  6. You might try to replace the front panel switch with one of these from Directron.
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