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First, I'm not yet that knowledgeable about SSD's or computer builds in general...
I'm deciding if I want to fit an SSD into my build's budget (and how large I'll need to go), but would like some help figuring out ACTUAL Useable Max Space on various mfr/controllers and advertised capacities... Can anyone help with figuring out or point toward any charts with figures?

Need to know exactly how much usable space I'll have - so need to factor in anything that will effect how much space I'm able to work with (if I'm incorrect in certain factors or missed any let me know) for example:
A) MFR/Controller ie: don't have external on board cache (uses storage capacity -?SandForce?)
B) Formatted Size
C) Performance degrades if capacity filled over 80%(?)-> figure 20% off capacity left after A&B accounted for
*D) RAID 0 - lose x capacity (from above considerations) on EACH drive???

Thanks if anyone can help out in figuring...
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  1. Hi.

    1- What are the rig's components?
    2- You can go with SF for killer write performance or with Crucial for killer red performance, I prefer 2nd one because you read 90% of time.
    3- I bought a C300 64GB, available for use 59GB, current free space 15GB
    4- If you use TRIM, the performance will not drop unless that you disable it.
    5- RAID 0 gives you excellent performance, but RAID 0 don't support TRIM. So, you will have a lot of garbage unless that you use the Vertex 2 that has garbage collector.
  2. any approx capacity figures anyone?
  3. SSDs are best used as a boot drive with only Windows and your most-used programs/games on them. A traditional platter hard drive is basically required for data and infrequently-used (but still necessary) programs.

    Other than that, some settings changes for SSDs:
    1. Disable automatic indexing
    2. Disable defragging
    3. Disable System Restore
    4. Disable Hibernation
    5. Move Temp and tmp folders to a different drive
    6. Move user folders (My Documents, Downloads, My Videos, etc.) to a different drive

    As far as claimed capacity versus usable capacity goes, I'd figure on 10-20% not being usable (formatting, reserved for cache, etc.).
  4. The maximum available storage capacity varies quite a bit. The raw capacity and the available capacity can vary anywhere from 8% to as high as 29%. it depends on the configuration. Currently there are 274 different ssd's offered at The majority of specifications do not identify the controller. I do not know of any list or chart depicting maximum available capacity.
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