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I read a forum that said to work with the bus speed in the bios to overclock, and it works on the locked cpu's. So I tried it. I pretty much left everything else to auto adjust and just worked my buss speed up in the bios. Doing so allowed me to get my athlon x4 640 from 3ghz to 3.6ghz before my intel burn stress test wouldn't cause the comp to fail and restart. I got the bus to 240.

I was shocked that I got this kind of performance increase as easy as messing with one setting. Is this how most people overclock or are people messing a bit with everything? (ex: memory, multiplier, voltages, etc.)
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  1. Well I am by no mean an expert overclocker but raising the bus speed like that is pretty much the very beginning of overclocking. That kind of overclock works on any bios that supports overclocking because you can raise the bus speed on almost every CPU.

    If you really didn't touch anything else in your bios like you said you did then by raising the bus speed you not only overclocked your CPU but your NB, memory and many other (albeit less important) things that derive their frequency from the bus speed.

    Therefore your limit of 3.6GHz is probably not the limit of your CPU but, definitely not the limit if you raise the voltage a bit. More than likely you have OC your memory too high.

    So really you have done a lot more than you think you have. I would suggest reading some of the OC guide here at TH, it sounds like you have scratched the surface and like what you are finding. Happy OCing
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am getting more interested in OCing and glad I found a starting point that I feel comfortable with. Another question I have....Is just working the bus speed up a fairly controlled way that is stable on your system? Or am I stepping into boundaries that I need to take some other considerations before I mess with the bus speed?
  3. Working with the bus speed can be viewed very similar to working with the CPU speed. The higher it goes past the stock settings the more likely it will be to fail. And just like with the CPU speed there are certain things that you can do (ie. more voltage) to help stabilize your OC.

    The part about the bus speed that is tricky is that, like I said before, there are many other components based on the bus speed, so if you are not careful and you raise the bus speed you will actually be raising the bus speed, the RAM speed, the HT speed and many other things as well. Now you not only have a chance for the bus to be unstable but many other components as well. When this happens you have no real way of knowing what is actually causing your OC to crash.

    Many times this is what is happening when you hear people talk about the fact that their voltage is maxed out but they still can't seem to get a good OC with their CPU.
  4. The biggest problem with raising the bus speed, is that sooner or later, you will need to increase the CPU core voltage, then you really need to start watching your core temps.
  5. When I went through the amd OCing guide it has steps to OC your CPU. I realized that when I worked the bus up that everything else works up also. which I thought was nice that I didn't have to mess with each peramiter.

    I'm not sure if this is a debate itself but which is better. High CPU or a high bus speed? Wouldn't it be better to up everything and not just the CPU? I've heard in the past that bus speed was everything but this may not of come from a very good resource.
  6. It is not so much as a debate as there are just different pros and cons with each type of overclock. And yes you will notice that if you OC your CPU to a certain point using the bus you will generally have higher benchmark scores than you would if you just used the multi to achieve the same results.

    Basically it is just more things to keep track of when you start OCing using the bus instead of just the multi.

    About the CPU voltage increase. Even OCing using just the multi requires a CPU voltage increase to achieve maximum OC, and yes this of course brings about a rise in temperatures. However using the bus to OC can require a NB voltage increase as well which again will affect the temp of your computer. It is not as direct at increasing the CPU voltage but it does have an effect.
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