Need a new video card

Hey guys..

I want to get a new video card for my brothers computer. I am a big fan of Nvidia but will go ATI if there's a better card for the money.

Thing is, I have $130 MAX to spend on it and I need the BEST card possible for this amount. It has to play modern games very well...

So far, Im looking at a 8800 GTS, 9800 GTX+ & the 4850 (all are 512)

Is one the the 3 I picked the best for the money or is there something else?

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  1. 4850
  2. Care to explain why?
  3. I would go with a 4870 if you want to spend close to your max limit. If not, I would go with a 4850.


  4. If you like Nvidia its the GTS 250 (aka 9800GTX+) or for the ATI fan the 4850, both cards are pretty much neck and neck in terms of performance
  5. IMO the 4850
  6. Im kinda liking the GTS 250 for $124

    The 9800 GTX+ is $129 and comes with Call of Duty WaW....

    Anywhere I can go to compare these 2 cards??
  7. yes there is a place to compare the cards

    it was in my last post
  8. HD4850 simple fact its just as fast if not faster and is cheaper.....
  9. XFX's GTS 250 comes with Cod WaW too, i think Imma grab that one. Thanks guys.
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