Extreme overheating

hey, i just installed a new heat sink and fan and i got 80 c idle temp and 120 c (shutdown) temp.) Ive applied thermal paste. Please help.
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  1. Ive reseated it now idle is at 60 and full load is 80c.
    It's still too hot...

    If i touch the heatsink, its cold, and the CPU is medium. Could it be a sensor?
  2. Bump.
  3. Yes, i<ve followed the instructions. It<s been working since 2005.
  4. Well, which HSF are you installing onto which MB? What is the Vcore (voltage to the CPU) in BIOS? What CPU are you using? The temps seem high, how or what software are you using to measure the temperature of the CPU? I only ask this beause these are the appropriate questions to ask in this situation.
  5. Quote:
    It<s been working since 2005

    You found the cord for the PSU. How about this stuff? Has time provided answers? I can point you apps that cold provide clarification if any confusion still exists. :??:

    GFX card: Unknown
    Sound card: None
    Network card: Unknown
  6. lol, not that computer XD
    You were on by that time:O This goes back to 2006 :O

    Whatever, My Vcore is 1.25
    I<m using Pentium D 2,8 GHz, (Presler)
    And im using BIOS and Everest ultimate to see my temps.
  7. I have a pentium D 925 running currently. 60c is not that far off, a little high with stock cooling. Properly positioned case fans directing fresh airfow front to back of the case will reduce CPU and other MB chip temps considerablly. My 925 D is a Micro build in a small case with 'restricted' airflow. With the stock Intel HSF, I believe high 40's idle with an immediate jump to 50-51C under small load. I installed this Zalman HSF and my CPU temps idle are low to mid 40's, moderate load under 50C. The system runs all day at a workstation. At any rate, if using the stock Intel HSF they can be pain to get right. You might try pushing down slightly on the top of the HSF and observing the CPU temps. If the temp goes down when pressing the HSF against the CPU, the installation is bad. Best I can do with it.

  8. Nope, temps arent better when i press on the hsf.

    Is my CPU fried???
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