Question regarding Q6600 overclock.

I've got a slightly aged build that I'm looking to overclock just a bit to squeeze out some extra gaming performance.

Here's my setup:

Core 2 Quad Q6600 (G0)
2x2GB A-Data DDR2-800
Gigabyte G41M-ES2L
Antec Earthwatts EA750 (bit overkill, I suppose...)
GeForce GTS 250 1GB (probably irrelevant to list here; w/e)
Zalman CNPS8700

I previously had a G31M motherboard and it overclocked fine; I was always able to achieve a relatively stable 3.0 overclock on the processor and ~850 @ 5-5-5-15 on the memory. I have had issues with the memory over the past year - at one point one stick stopped working completely. Being too lazy to RMA it right away, I just worked with 2 gigs for a while. Then I stuck the "broken" stick back in one day and it just worked (?). The Vista experience index rating I had previously went from 5.9 to 5.4, though.

I figure that either my memory is bad and doesn't like its multiplier being screwed with (I left it at 800 this time), or there's something I'm simply overlooking. I'm setting my proc to 333x9, leaving voltage on auto (I also tried 1.26v, maybe it needs more juice?). Anyway... any ideas? I'd just like to get a 3.0 overclock and maybe a slight oc on the memory as well.

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  1. more cpu voltage. also i would try to keep ram at 800. What is the actual problem you are having? does it not POST? does it freeze/hang?
  2. This should be your first stop.
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    Shadow's Gigabyte motherboard OC guide:
    It's for an EP35-DS3L motherboard but all the Core2 Gigabyte motherboards use a similar BIOS.

    Drop the System Memory Multiplier to 2.0 if you can.

    You should be able to reach 3.0 GHz easily. You will not be able to go much higher. Your upper limit will be around 3.2 Ghz because of your motherboard.

    At 1.275 volts, you have a lot of room to increase your core voltage.
  3. Tried dropping the memory mult to 2, increasing voltage to 1.35 in increments of .01 (from 1.28) and still nothing. I tried overclocking to 2.6 on stock voltage (which I'm pretty sure it should be able to do no problem...) and I got the same result: no POST, the system just restarts and resets all the clocks and multipliers after displaying the video card readout.
  4. Any ideas? I'd really like to get this figured out.
  5. Have you run memtest? If you had memory issues with a pair of sticks I'd start looking there, first. They don't magically fix themselves. Either they've always been good and you were mistaken about them causing problems or they're still bad. They can cause the problem you describe.

    You will never get a stable overclock with finicky memory.
  6. I haven't run memtest and will do so asap, but I'm kind of wondering if the problem is the motherboard. I get the EXACT same response from every oc attempt: after restarting, the monitor shows the vga bootscreen - then "safebios" or whatever kicks in and kills it and reboots with reset frequencies. REGARDLESS of what settings i use. I can't even underclock the memory and get a measly .1 GHz oc on the cpu (not that it would matter, i just thought i'd try and see if various random settings worked).
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    Cpt. Deadboots,

    first off, awesome choice in avatars. Baby Carriage Fail is one of my favorites.

    Also, I have a finicky q6600 too. I had to go through a bunch of RAM and a different motherboard to find a combo that got me to 3.6ghz. RAM can definitely be the cause of your failed overclock regardless of if the RAM is being OCd or not.
  8. Good to know. I'll RMA these sticks as soon as possible and try again when the new set comes.

    Thanks all!
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