Only 74.4GB of 80GB intel x25-m SSD on disk?

I recently bought an intel x25-m 80gb ssd for my OS and games and I have about 18gb left but the total says 74.4gb total, is there any type of maintenance or tools to get the full 80gb? or are they kind of in the same fashion as hdds lose a bit of their size after being formatted?
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    Depends on how you define the size of 1GB. It isn't the same unit.

    Hard drive manucafturers define 1GB as 1,000MB, and each MB as 1,000KB

    Everyone else in the known free world (your operating system) defines 1GB as 1,024MB, and 1MB as 1,024KB. This is a power of 2.

    The 1000MB unit makes the drive 'bigger' than it is. Unfortunately its been going on for years, as it makes the harddrives more attractive. Your size is pretty much right. There are also space requirements for the partition tables and other filesystem overhead, but that isn't the main reason for the disparity.
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  3. Ah thanks for the info! It definitely makes sense now that I think about it!
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