3 Displays, all in Clone Mode?? Windows 7 with ATI Radeon

OK, I am having a hard time finding the answer to this one. Here is my set up..

ATI 4890 HDMI out to a Optoma HD72 Projector running 720P native
Component out to a component video switcher for the rest of the house for video distribution 720P

These are set in Clone Mode and work fine.

However, I just bought a ATI 4670 video card to put in my rig to run a 3rd monitor with DVI out for aa display monitor next to my rig for more advanced PC work. I thought it would be simple to just add another card, plug in the DVI, and select clone mode on all three monitors. Apparently not. Windows 7 still only lets me clone 2 monitors and only extended the desktop on the 3rd monitor. Since I have even another DVI out, I would like to eventual run a 4th DVI monitor from this rig.

What am I doing wrong? Seems to be a simple request, but I cant seem to find anything online addressing a three monitor clone mode setup.
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  1. don't know ati's that well, but you can do advanced monitor options in any graphics cards control panel (ati catalyst control panel)
  2. I think I have tried every option on the control panel. Anyone have an idea of what to do?

    Darn, I have to go help the wife cut pineapple.....be back soon.....%^%$^#$%&#^&
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