I7 870 Oc master hyper 212

Hi, so i got my new cpu heat sink.. here are my specs real qucik

8gigs of ddr3 corsair 1333MHz
750 gig sata HDD
I7 870
750 watt corsair PSU
GTX 465
cooler master hyper 212 with dual 120mm fans
i would like to know how do i overclock this in my bios
and how high can i go?
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  1. Bump up the BCLK. It should be set at 133 right now. You may have to downclock the RAM manually a bit at some point to keep it stable since turning up the BCLK increases that speed also. Keep upping the BCLK until the CPU becomes unstable on Prime 95 or Intel Burn tests. You can use the highest stable setting for your overclock, or start increasing the vcore a bit to go higher

    I'd advise turning off Turbo Boost before overclocking
  2. hm, ok so lets say i want to overclock to 3.80Ghz or even 4.00ghz what should i set the ram to?
  3. I have never OC'd an 800 series CPU so this is based upon my experience with the 900 series i7's.

    133 BCLK x 22 CPU multiplier = 2.93 GHz
    133 BCLK x 8 mem multiplier = 1066 MHz

    25% OC:
    167 BCLK x 22 CPU multiplier = 3.67 GHz
    167 BCLK x 8 mem multiplier = 1333 MHz

    At this point you are limited by your RAM if you want to maintain your memory multiplier. If you had DDR3-1600

    30% OC:
    173 BCLK x 22 CPU multiplier = 3.81 GHz
    173 BCLK x 8 mem multiplier = 1384 MHz

    37% OC:
    182 BCLK x 22 CPU multiplier = 4.00 GHz
    182 BCLK x 8 mem multiplier = 1456 MHz

    You could check and see if your MoBo offers a mem multilier of 6 or better yet upgrade to DDR3-1600

    check this:

  4. it does and thanks, got it overclocked =D
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