Video Streaming problems.

I recently finished my core i7, and I'm a Verizon Fios user. The problem is that it takes a long time for my PC to load any video on the internet. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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  1. Have you done any latency/bandwidth tests?
  2. Know any programs to do so?
  3. I'm pretty sure Its good, considering azureus movies only take minutes to complete.
  4. Probably good, but I have to ask :P. You can test on

    The other thing you have to consider is where you are trying to stream from, if THEY have a bad connection or too many people connecter, there is nothing your ISP can do about it. The greatest speed one can achieve is always the lowest of the uploader's speed or the downloader's.
  5. Usualy youtube. Is the main target for me. My single core AMD can load way faster than my 4 core i7.

    I'll speed test when I get back home on Thursday.
  6. Netwrok info
    Sending: 45,000+ bytes
    Receiving: 2,528,380+ bytes

    Dont know how to put up pic.
  7. For speed, the meaningful info is the down/up speeds (in KB/s or kbps, yes there is a difference :P) and the latency (or ping, in ms).

    As for your streaming problem, what OS/Browser does your new computer use compared to your old single-core AMD?
  8. They both use IE 8
  9. Same OS?
  10. Yeah... But I did notice some improvement this weekend. I dont know what I did, but now the only problem is youtube. G4, Collegehumor, everything else works except for youtube, which takes a while longer.
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