Is there an SSD that will work with any MiniPCIe slot?

I am bringing this topic back since the last update was in Sept 2010.
I still can't seem to find these Mini PCIe cards that have the SATA controller on them (And can be used in any Mini PCIe slot)

Where can I find one of these!!??!!?
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  1. Am I correct in assuming it is for a netbook?

    Check out this new Tom's Hardware report:,2854.html
  2. Thanks Johnny, but this is actually not for a netbook.
    The Mini PCIe SSD's that most notebooks use have a SaTA or mSATA interface, I'm looking for something that can be used in any Mini PCIe slot, to do so it will have to have a Mini PCIE to X controller interface. I have read some posts dated back in Sept 2010 of Samsung releasing such a card but have not been able to find anywhere that actually has any.
    Are there any other manufacturers that have these?
  3. I don't know. I pretty much stick to desktop pc's.

    Sorry :(
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