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  1. your kidding me right?
  2. +1 for not overclocking, but -1 for your reasons...

    I personally don't like overclocking, mainly places unnessesary wear on your components that shortens the lifespan.
    I choose stability over speed anyday of the week.

    Just fr stating the obvious. Turbo mode isn't asmuch a feature, the chip is just self clocking depending on load and temp situations...

    But that said, the chip was designed with that in mind(cooling included), thus the stock cooling should be able to give acceptable temps @ a 3Ghz OC in warmer climates(SA).

    Just my opinion. :) Im almost sure OverClkr will dissagree completely.
  3. lol his name is overclkr so this topic kinda offends him in a way, nah jk, post up overclkr

    and yea let me add that one, stability over speed.

    good one.
  4. 1. Well that is overclocking, but it's not overclocked far enough!

    2. That applies to any processor. If you want to overclock you have to be prepared to deal with it. If we applied this reason to all CPUs should nobody ever overclock? What if we don't mind the extra heat? What if it's Winter? :D

    3. No you don't have to disable anything, but overclocking uses more power because it runs at a higher speed and voltage. At full load it doesn't matter if power saving features are enabled or disabled anyway, because they won't be active even if enabled.

    3.5 (since you edited the original 3) This also can be applied to any processor.

    4. I disable an overclock to do my own overclock. Meh.
  5. im talking about the core i5 not all cpuz in general, and if you overclock it how far will you go with having turbo disabled?
  6. surda said:
    im talking about the core i5 not all cpuz in general, and if you overclock it how far will you go with having turbo disabled?

    Check the reviews. It seems 3.8GHz on air is not unreasonable.

    Sure beats one core at 3.2 GHz, eh?

    And you only have to get to 3.2GHZ for a 3-core win.
  7. it sure does, i wanna see how many go with overclocking and how many dont.
  8. Quote:
    so overall, and that's just me, if you buy a core i5, leave it at stock speed better than overclocking

    Thanks for this great suggestion for getting the most out of a Core i5 system while being safe and not breaking anything? RMA.
  9. Quote:
    its all about gpu at that point your cpu will not bottleneck your system.

  10. you can go home now.
  11. I'm no expert but according to what I've read, I'm planning on disabling turbo and just OCing all the cores :D
  12. lol dont need that
  13. Another sighting.

  14. hmm... so what did I miss? :D
  15. 2 reasons i can think of:

    1. not having the right knowledge
    2. not having the right hardware
  16. wow, LMFAO.

    I have several reasons (but only if I get one):
    1. It is brand new.
    2. It costs quite a bit of money (of which I have little of in the first place).
    3. You aren't sure yet what could go wrong, let others be the bait and see what goes wrong when they OC it.
  17. It would be a waste of time to buy an i5 750 and not even see its full potential... Yea of course you can run it at stock speeds and it should be enough for normally daily needs..... But then again if you buy the 750 just for simple daily tasks then you bought the wrong CPU in the first place....

    I am positive that most users that buy such a CPU will be tempted to see what it offers... If you don't want to OC then leave it alone but don't say that it would be wise not to....
  18. i got the best reason not to overclock the i5,surda doesn have one
  19. +2 bananas "lol" =)
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