Where am I suppose to connect these?

Hey so this is kind of a silly question but I just bought a new case (K60 from Lancool) and all the fans that are in it are 3 pin connectors. The last case I had was an antec 300 and those were all using the 4 pin molex which were fine as I just connected them to my PSU.

How am I suppose to accommodate 4 of these fans? I have a fan controller but 2 of them can't reach but I have these connectors that I can plug them into, they are only 2 wires though instead of 3. Does that matter? Should I still use them?

Thanks for the help.
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    try to connect the fans on the motherboard directly, most boards have at least two 3pin fan connectors. the rest u can connect on the fan controller. if that still doesnt work, u can get 3pin-to-molex converters in any pc shop.
  2. jim i agree with your opinion, it would help him to solve the problem, nice suggestion
  3. Actually, if you are powering fans from a Molex connector, only 2 pins are required - +12 v dc (red) and Ground (black). The yellow wire on a 3-pin fan connector is the speed signal feeding back into the mobo so it can be monitored by the BIOS. But if you're not connecting to mobo, nothing will use that speed signal and it does not need connection to anything. For those fans you cannot connect to the mobo pinouts, if you're using a fan controller with 2-pin output connectors, just plug them into the fans' 3-pin connectors so the yellow is NOT connected. Or, use jimishtar's suggestion and get the right adapters to connect to Molex for uncontrolled full-speed operation.
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