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Lacie hard drive light blinking

Last response: in Storage
February 16, 2011 6:04:46 PM

Hello, I've tried everything to get this drive working!! I have images on the drive and all I'm getting is this blinking blue light. Any suggestions?
a c 302 G Storage
February 16, 2011 6:25:10 PM

More information and a few tests might help.

LaCie makes network drives, USB drives, fibre-attached RAID arrays; what have you got? The model might help us figure out what a blinking blue light means, too.

Assuming it's a USB drive, there are several standard tests that just involve changing one thing at a time:
- Change the USB cable
- Try a USB pen drive in the computer's USB port to make sure that it's working
- Try the LaCie drive on another computer to see if it works there.
- Look at the drive in the Disk Manager to see if it's recognized, if the partitions got messed up, and so forth.
- In extreme cases, and assuming that the case comes apart, and if you want to take the risk, you can open the case, take out the drive, and attach it directly to the motherboard.

If none of the simple tests finds the data, we might switch over to using some drive imaging tool like Clonezilla to recover as much of the data as possible. I'm hoping that it will be something simple like a bad USB cable, a dead port on the computer, or power. For example, does your drive plug in to wall power or draw all its power off the USB connector (again, I assumed USB for a start). Some drives draw almost all the power that a USB port will supply, and even a little degradation could push it over the limit.

Another question: What OS are you using?
January 30, 2014 4:10:54 AM

Sorry, this is not a solution but I didn't want to create another thread. I am having the same problem this person did. My Lacie Big5 NAS Pro has two 2TB HD installed. I have been using it fine for over a year. I believe I had a long term power loss at the house that outlasted my UPS.

The blue light on the front blinked (signals intializing the drives) but the drives did not initialize(back LEDs did not come on). EVER. I eventually was able to boot it with the rescue key and download the critical files to another hard drive. I did this via FTP. I removed the rescue key. While this was going on (file download) the power supply was moved by a family member and pulled out of the HD - hard shutdown. When I reapplied power, it booted up like normal (intialized the disks). It then proceeded to synchronize the RAID between the two disks, which worried me but I also hated to stop it. I recovered the remainder of the files via FTP onto a separate HD. The RAID synchronized (looked like the #1 HD needed it) and I installed and formatted a third HD I had bought when I thought the #1 was toast. I finally had access via the Lacie Network Assistant and all was well.

Last night I set up the eco management to sleep the drive overnight. This morning the blue light is blinking again, without the HD intializing. I cannot find any volumes at all - and mind you I have it connected with an Ethernet cable to my computer. I work with large image files and this speeded up the upload/download speeds.

I use an iMac from 2009, OS 10.6.8.

Also, I am not a technical genius so please use small words :) 
6 minutes ago

I believe I have a similar problem. I have an 8TB 4big Quadra with 4 bays. It's been running good for more than a year now. Today, the rear LED of the last drive is blinking red/blue red/blue. I have no idea what's going on. The drive seems to be working. My drive have only 1 big blue light in the front and one little blue LED at the back so I always had 5 blue lights on. Now I have only 4 blue and a red/blue blinking. What did I do wrong? What should I do to fix it? Sorry, this old man is totally ignorant. Please advice.
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