Dd3 or ddr2 for cheap system build

Ok so I have been out of the loop for a long time and trying to get up to speed so I can build a new system cheap. A little background info so you know where im at;

I am currently running an AMD 939 system with 4gb of ddr ram and an 8800gtx video card. I am needing to upgrade because my pic16x slot or maybe just my whole mobo is flaking out on me.

So I am trying to build a new system for less that $175 bucks to hold me over until I graduate and get a job. Then ill build a system worth while and use the amd system for a file server.

So I first tried to build a system with a friends mobo and a new processor, 2.4ghz 800mhz FSB lga 775 celeron. Long story short the mobo didn't work out but im still stuck with the cpu.

So now I am just looking to buy an lga 775 mobo and 4gb of ram to go with but I don't know if i should go ddr2 or ddr3. With the 800mhz FSB of the cpu ddr3 seems useless. However, I think it could be ok if in say 6 months I buy a good cpu an upgraded gfx card and buy another 4gb ram to make a decent system from.

So what do u guys think should i do this on ddr2 or ddr3? Is going ddr3 worth it for the upgrade path it allows in a few months or no?
Also I do play FPS games but not a whole lot maybe 6 hours a week (that is before my system started flaking out on me)
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  1. lga 775 is a dead end at this time
  2. If you are in the states you can buy something from this list and then add ram http://www.newegg.com/Store/ComboDeals.aspx?ComboStoreID=1&page=2
  3. i wouldn't recommend LGA 775, since you are looking for a budget build i would recommend AMD

    Athlon II X2 240
    good brand AM3 socket (eg Asus or Gigabyte)
    4GB DDR3 (what ever is cheap, though recommend at least DDR3-1333)
  4. Thanks for the replies but the situation im in i am stuck with an lga775 cpu. I can find a mobo that will meet my needs all im curious about is should i go ddr3 or ddr2 as i can find 4gb of either for about the same price of 80~90 bucks for 2x2gb sticks.

    Also my biggest concern is if I get ddr3 will the slow FSB of the cpu cause me problems by forcing the mobo to run some odd mem dividers to match up the speed. (not so good with mem dividers and how they work but im reading up on it)

    The only 2 reasons im considering ddr3 is one price is about the same as ddr2 for the 2x2gb and two I could later on reuse that ddr3 ram in a decent system in like 6 months.

    thanks for the help all

    btw rolli that link didn't work for me i am in the states though so ill check out the combo deals on newegg.
  5. well in this case, just use DDR2 as the LGA 775 won't be able to utilize the speeds of DDR3 due to the FSB
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