I installed a new ssd won't boot windows help

I installed a new A data 64gb ssd, when I install windows It go's through the complete install but when it boots up it says the windows setup experienced an unexpected error and to reinstall windows. I have installed four times and I keep getting the error message please help!
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  1. What Windows are you installing?

    Do you have another copy of the disk to verify the disk isn't defective?

    Have you checked the cables are "good"?
  2. Windows 7 disk is cool I think I have to update something in my bios but not sure. AHCI don't know need help
  3. Can you provide more details on your system... Motherboard, CPU, RAM, GPU? What SATA port are you using?

    You can install a SSD on IDE or AHCI, without issues. It is recommended to use AHCI though.
  4. i7 920 8gb adata ddr3, asrock x58 exterme raedon 6870 don't know which sata port i have six on hard drive have not ever updated bios
  5. using sata 2
  6. Have you tried updating the firmware of the SSD?

    Your previous hard drive worked fine with the Win7 install?? correct??
  7. how do i do that without booting into windows?
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    You update the firmware, just like you would flash your BIOS... meaning you don't need to boot into Windows to update. All you need to do is download the required updated firmware and complete the steps required in the "readme" file.

    When you install Windows 7, just make sure you don't have any other hard drive attached during the install. This is helpful to eliminate possible boot / install errors.
  9. Updated the drive firmware, same problems.
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  11. Did your issue get resolved??
  12. Yea I had to flash my bios to newer bios and it worked perfectly.
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