High performance CPU but low graphic score

hi everyone,
i got my new gaming PC built yesterday. i ran 3DMark vantage for test after install all drivers. the result of physics test was so high that is 113.18 operations/s. i saw others got around 15-40. i dont know WTH is that.
now let focus on the topic. my CPU score is 31,376 but i just have 9,897 of Graphic score and total score 12023. what does the Graphic Score depend on? how can i get higher Graphic Score? and i wonder that how much does GTX260 SLI help the score jumps up?

system info:
CPU: AMD Phenom II 550 BE 3.1GHz OCed 3.7GHZ
Memory: 3G DDR2 800GHz
Graphic card: GTX260 869 DDR3 little OC
OS: Vista 32-bit

thank you for looking.
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  1. 1. Turn off physX when calculating the CPU score...it inflates the cpu score
    2. GTX260s score around 10k, so your scores are about right
    3. GTX260 SLis score around 19k-21k
  2. You have a nice system. Don't obsess with scores.

    Unless you really need better performance for certain games your system should run all games nicely. Depending on the game, SLI will give you between 0% and 80% improvement. I'm guessing the average of many newer games would be a 50% improvement (or same framerate but better graphics).

    Remember to use VSync if you are going much above your refresh rate (60 for flatscreen).
  3. is this your motherboard, im thinking it is and all you did was put a 9 instead of a P

    if so, you can't sli anyways, it has an AMD chipset that only supports crossfire
  4. oh sh!t! after off the phyX i just have 8657, losing 4000.

    i bought the MOBO at Frys and the guy work there told me that this MOBO support SLI! i am wondering if this board support SLI cause its missing the little chip to connect two graphic card! thanks mindless728! i will check it out and if it doesnt support SLI i then the 2nd PICE slot makes no sense to me and i will return it.
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