Windows 7 + ASUS A8N-VM?

Hi there, I'm new here and was hoping I'd be able to get some help. I've had no luck elsewhere on the Internet.

So, here's the situation: a friend of mine needed a new computer so my buddy and I rigged up a new computer for her. I believe it's an A8N-VM MB. There's nothing particularly remarkable about her computer in terms of hardware... it has a popular acer monitor, 1.5 GB of RAM, 40 gig hard drive from her old computer, and a 500 gig external hard drive.

I've installed Windows 7 on the computer and things are not going well. After installation and upon the first few times using it, it would seemingly randomly get the BSOD with a segmentation fault. Interesting to note here is that if I boot into safe mode with networking, the computer can run for hours without any such BSOD. Could this be the hard drive? Or would it be driver related?

The drivers do not appear to be installed very well. Video works right up to very high resolutions, audio does not work, and USB does not work. It is crucial that all of these components work (obviously) but I can't seem to find any configuration that can achieve this.

I have a CD containing drivers but they won't install they are apparently only for Windows XP 64-bit and anything earlier. I checked the ASUS website but there doesn't appear to be any drivers for Windows 7 for this particular MB....

What do you guys suggest? This project has been nothing short of annoying so far, I'm really hoping there's an easy solution. I guess we could install XP 64-bit, but it would be a shame as I've done a terrific job selling her on Windows 7. It's bizarre as well, since I've installed Windows 7 on 2-3 other computers and it's been seamless.

I'm done rambling for now, does anyone have any possible solutions? If there's any more information I could give you that would be helpful please let me know.
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  1. That sounds like driver problems. Here's the link for your mobo (or at least I think thats yours), but there aren't any Windows 7 drivers listed; you can try the Vista drivers, and they may or may not work just fine, but if they don't, you'll need to revert to a different OS.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I'm pretty sure that Windows Vista 64-bit drivers would work just fine. My question is... which drivers do I download?

    BIOS (6) [BIOS History]

    BIOS-Utilities (2)

    ATK (1)

    Utilities (2)

    Manual (8)

    I'm not sure what ATK even is. I just want drivers for USB, display, and sound.
  3. It appears there aren't any actual drivers for Vista or Win 7; you can try the ones listed here , but there probably the same as the ones on your cd. I'm sad to say it, but you might not be able to run Win 7 on the computer.

    Btw, usb drivers have been included in the OS since XP SP1 or SP2, so you don't need to worry about those.
  4. too sure if you are still trying to get win7 to function with that board, but here goes:

    i have it working with asus A8N-VM CSM running in the antec aria cube case. at first, i tried a straight fresh install of win7 64-bit, but had similar errors to the ones mentioned. i then reverted back, thanks to an old acronis image. tried the upgrade OS from vista 64-bit and to my surprise seems to be working okay. and this has been the only way i was able to get my optical audio working( i bought the add-on audio module) since there isn't any official win7 drivers for this board, at least i haven't found any. if interested, you may try
    SoundMAX Support on the site but it seems to be down.

    for myself, what i'm working on regarding this motherboard is: getting it to recognize more than 2 x1GBDDr400 and getting my mic working.

    Good Luck!


    it was something calling memory hole remapping in the BIOS. i now have 4 * 1GB reporting correctly, but only at 333Mhz speed.


    i had to uninstall the previous SOUNDMAX driver and related software in the device manager, rebooted and my mic was working. but it get the SOUNDMAX control panel back i intalled version 6585. i got it from asus' support site for the p5e board. it's an intel board but the audio chip seems to be close enough, and it's got native win7 driver support from asus.

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