Nvidia Geforce 285 GTX 2gb single card vs Crossfire Radeon 4890 2x1gb

Which of these two will run games at 1920 x 1080 best?

On an intel i7 920 2.66 ghz processor?


- Panos -
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  1. Almost identical. It depends on the game:

    If you get the GTX285 you have some advantages for applications that use CUDA or physics that the ATI cards won't give you.

    The main advantage of the dual 4890's is you should be able to reduce the noise slightly.

    I'd be tempted to go with the GTX285 but look for one with a good, quiet cooling solution.
  2. In games that support CrossFire (I'm not sure which don't) the 4890s will undoubtedly perform better. In games that do not support CrossFire, the 285 will perform better.

    The 285 will draw less power, make less noise, and produce less heat.

    A single 4890 will run pretty much any game right now at max settings at 1920x1200 without breaking a sweat.

    If possible, wait until ATI releases their DX11 cards later in the year.
  3. The crossfire will utterly flatten the 285 whenever crossfire is supported (which is a decent chunk of the time). The rest of the time, the 285 will be slightly ahead, though you can get a 4890 to nearly equal a 285 if you overclock it (and have a fairly lucky card).
  4. Yah, i was going to overclock the 4890s to 925 - 950 mhz (from 850 mhz) as i will have 2 giant 240mm fans, a 120m mm fan, and a 240mm liquid cooled radiator. Also planning on OC a 2.66 ghz i7 920 to 3.8 ghz or 4.0 ghz.
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