Q9650 stock temp spikes

Hi Everyone,

I'm a long time reader, but this is my first post. I built a new machine a few weeks ago:

MB: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
CPU: Intel q9650
2 lame hard drives
650W Antec PSU
OS: XP 32bit, waiting on Win7

I THINK all my settings are stock , but Gigabyte has some weird autoclock stuff in the bios that I've tried to disable.

Here's the problem. My temps were nuts, 110c on bootup etc. and immediate shutdown. Put on new thermal paste (Dynex, thin stripe) and reseated the stock hsu.

My idle temps are now down around 42, but the second I run a game I get instant 70c spikes (CoreTemp, SpeedFan and EasyTune 6 all confirming).

Once I'm actually playing a game, my cores will shoot up into the 75-85c range and even scrape 90, but the instant that I alt-tab over to look at my temp readings they drop 20 or 30 degrees into normal ranges.

I'm really terrified that I'm screwing up my new PC, but my idle temps are no big deal, how can I get a 40 degree change in less than a second?

Whoa, ok one other thing, I know this will show what a n00b I am, but my clock multiplier changes from 6 to 9 automatically? It's showing 6, but a few minutes ago it was 9x!? What's the deal!?!?!?
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  1. Those are bad temps. I would suspect the stock heat sink in conjunction with higher than necessary voltage.

    To answer the multiplier question, yes this is correct behavior, its a means for reducing power consumption and keeping your PC cooler. Think it's called EIST or something.

    Since you are new to this, I will ask some silly questions:

    Do you know how to apply thermal paste correctly? (There are youtube vids, just to double check)
    You mention CoreTemp, can you report what the Voltage ID is for your CPU? Its on the bottom of the window.
    Can you give some detail on your BIOS setup for the rig, such as anything changed from default? Also, the CPU voltage in particular?
    What kind of case do you have? What does it have for fans?
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