I need help with diagnostics..

I just built my system, I'm not sure what all I should post about the new system. Though, I have a Samsung 2 TB hd, an intel core i5, 8gb of ram and a HIS graphics card.. (If you need better specs, I can give them..)

My problem is is that randomly my hdd light goes off and stays off. I can't use anything on my computer, it's basically frozen. All fans and case lights are on, and my mouse moves.. Though, the keyboard doesn't work nor does the sound. I can't figure out what's going on, but I'm also pretty new at all of this.. I can't stay on the computer at all. I've tried to reinstall windows several times, but nothing's changed. The temp of the computer hasn't went above 120F.

I've also ran some diagnostic tests, but everything says my hard drive is fine.. My motherboard seems to be running fine, and the tests aren't telling me anything different. Where should i go from here?
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  1. What power supply did you put in there?
  2. Another piece of info: I had to use a downloaded (But legit) copy of windows.. So, there's a possibility of the file being corrupted, but the installs have been fine, so I'm unsure. Is this a possibility.

    I have a raidmax 530w power supply. http://raidmax.com/psu/rx_530ss.html#
  3. Being a new build, the first place I would suspect problems would be the power supply or your RAM. If you have another power supply, put it in there and try that out. Also, go get Memtest86 and test your RAM.
  4. Okay, here's an update. I don't think it's the power supply or Ram. I already ran Memtest86 and the results were normal I guess. No fails.

    However, I mentioned that I thought it may be the copy of Windows 7 that I had. I think that may be right. Mainly because I've put Linux on here, and it's running perfectly. No problems with the HDD freezing up on me, or anything for that matter. However, I am doing this just to monitor the logs and make sure that there isn't something I'm missing.

    Could a bad copy of the OS do that?

    I mean I've been downloading updates and trying to multitask for a while on Linux to see if it would freeze, but it hasn't. I guess I should download some memory intensive programs and see if I can somehow overload it.
  5. I had linux on the PC for a few weeks, and it never froze. As soon as I started using W7, it started freezing again, less frequently this time. Sometimes, it'll just be idling, sometimes it'll be while I'm playing a game or doing school work.
    #1 I'm pretty sure it's not the ram. Memtest86 results came back as passes, I believe.
    #2 I did the whole Prime testing. (Prime95) I've ran several tests for a total of about 24 hours and I haven't had any fails yet.
    #3 I got a new PSU, so I've eliminated that as an option.
    #4 The hard drive worked fine on Linux, though I'm sure that Linux and Windows store differently and place data differently on the HDD, so there's still a possibility it's the HDD. But I'd like to rule out any options at this point.
    #5 I've updated my BIOS, and I have all drivers installed for all hardware, and all of the latest W7 updates.

    Any input?
  6. Anyone?
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