Dead Drive - Data Recovery Possible?

Walked in this morning to a black boot screen with something to the effect "Select boot device to continue". About that time, I noticed the clicking sound. Went into bios and my hard drive is not even recognized. I have some further troubleshooting to do because I didn't have time this morning before work, but the clicking sound is pretty ominous.

I need to remove power from the drive and confirm the source of the clicking. I will change which SATA port I have the drive plugged into to make sure that's not the issue. I also have a second rig I can put it to see if it can be recognized there.

That all failing, is it possible to recover the data off a drive if it's not even able to be recognized? Is this a major undertaking to do or is it no big deal? If I send this somewhere to have done, does anyone have any idea what a ballpark number is for what they would charge me?

Samsung Spinpoint F3 (two weeks old)

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  1. about a year ago Ontrack used to charge $100 per 100GB of size

    so a 1TB drive was $1000 no matter how much data is on the drive or how much is recovered.
  2. Yes, it is possible to recover dead hard drive data, just need to use simple hard drive data recovery tool which is fully able to access your hard drive without any annoyance...
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    if the drive is not being recognize in the bios but spins up,goto a data recovery technician
    no amount of software recovery can recover your data if it cannot be seen in the bios.

    isolate the problem(probably the PCB) and swap it with the same one, to get the drive recognize and then use a recovery software.
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