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i recently overclocked my e8400 to 3.6 on my 750i FTW mobo. idle temp is at 50F way to hot i know socket 775s run hot byt at like 80% load its at 67F i have an after market fan, i was told to mess with the voltages but that only worked a little, i dont know if i need a new fan or what any help is greatly appriciated..
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    I think you may have your info mixed up. 50F is actually impossible to run a system at. On the other hand, if these temps you're concerned with are actually values in celcius, then you shouldn't worry, as this is normal. Still, if you feel that these temps are too high, the areas you should check are:

    1. CPU thermal paste: Good quality thermal paste, like Artic Silver 5, can greatly reduce CPU temps. Also, make sure that you don't use too much (like if the paste is seeping out), or too little. Determining if there is too little paste is more difficult, so just make sure that you spread the paste evenly across the CPU surface.

    2. Cooling fans: Case fans and heatsink fans can sometimes be installed incorrectly. Meaning a fan is doing intake when it should be doing exhaust. Double check to see that the fans are spinning the correct direction, and that they're spinning at the correct speed.

    3. Air Flow: When it comes to air flow, there is positive, negative, and neutral pressure. Positive pressure is loosely described as more intake (air sucked in) than exhaust (air being pushed out). Naturally, neutral means the pressure is more or less equal. Some cases cool better with positive pressure, some cases cool better with negative.

    4. Ambient Temp: Basically how this pertains is that if you're checking your system temps at night, the atmosphere is cooler; therefore, the ambient temp is cooler. With cooler ambient temps, cooler air is being sucked in. With hotter ambient temps, the exact opposite.

    All of these factors play a role in how cool or hot your system can be.
  2. @T_T---->"50F is actually impossible to run a system at." Not impossible if his room tempeture is maintained below 50F. Just poking at you T_T. I am bored...

    @fatjoe--->computer tempetures are usually measured in celcius not farenheit
  3. Thickness of T I M say AS5 ,, about the thickness of a cigarette paper, after all the purpose is to fill the micro holes in the metal , which B T W , transfers heat quite well with only a little help ..:)
  4. yeah i didnt realize i put 50F lol but i did get some arctic mx2 paste and i dropped my vcore down a bit i got it to run about 46 at idle but full load it still pushing 66 67 so i bought an arctic freezer 7 see if that works better than my rosewill, thanks guys
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