What kind of performance gain would an SSD give me ??

I'm building a new rig and I'm really wondering whether I should get an SSD or not ..I have a budget of around 1100-1200 usd ..and right now my config is fitting in just barely ..but i guess i could spend the extra for the SSD but I'm not sure ..i wanna know how much of a performance gain an SSD would give me ..?? ..do you think that gain s worth the money ..I'd be getting a raid0 setup otherwise ..i know how fast SSDs are individually but when installed on a PC what kind f performance gain could i expect ..?
I'd be mostly gaming ..at Max everything ..
uh ..Photoshop
video encoding
maintaing a large music library
HD movies ..and
general usage ..
thanks .. :)
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  1. It would give you a noticeable increase in speed of applications opening and closing, as well as fast load times for anything that loads really. Gaming you'll load a few seconds faster for maps and other things etc. Boot times will be a little quicker, more noticeably all your applications will load instantly as soon as pc is booted. Most people say I can wait a few seconds for something to load, but I can't see a better upgrade than to have it cut visually all load times in half everytime you do it.
  2. wow...couldn't agree more ..that's something I'd want ..so ..with an SSD as soon as I see my wallpaper on my win desktop I,could open any software or program I want instatlntly. ?? ..wow
    could you recommend any good 40-60 gig SSD ..it'll be running win 7 ultimate 64 bit ..so 20 gig ..plus whateva software and apps ..
    after the ocz problems ..i dont wanna look at SSD with out help from someone who knows his/her way around ..
  3. ohh, .and ..I'm assuming mixing an SSD and an HDD shouldn't be problem ..but can I instal an SSD later on after using the HDD for sometime?? ..ill be doing a fresh install ..my plan is to upgrade to an SSD later on ..maybe a few months after building my rig ..and ill be installing only the os and some other useful/important software on it ..
  4. That depends on the program or application you are opening. Some will open instantly, some will open very quickly. For, example, Adobe Photoshop will open in 3 to 4 seconds. That is really fast compared to Adobe on a hard disk drive.
  5. I would stick with Intel or crucial from everything I've read, my brother has the Intel Ssd 120 gig, its really nice and reliable
  6. yeah ..I'm used to waiting ten seconds for Photoshop ..
    that's awesome..
  7. how much is an Intel 120 gig?? ..don't wanna spend too much ..looking at 100-125$ ..
  8. It's 230 but they have an 80 gig version for 150 maybe can't remember check newegg.com
  9. 230?? ..wow ..i hope SSDs get substantially cheaper over the next six months ..
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